Horrid Weather, Fantastic Libraries

It was another wet and windy day in Boston. Tomorrow the AASL conference officially begins, so today I visited some sites of interest while attempting to stay as warm as possible. Below are some pictures of the Boston Public Library main branch.

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In the morning I made my way to the JFK Presidential Librrary & Museum. This was my first trip to a presidential library, so it was interesting to see what aspects of his life and presidency the museum focused on. For instance, the exhbits were vague about his specific polices outside of the Cold War, like Civil Rights and Vietnam. Instead, exhibits focused on his upbrining, Jackie O, his relationship with Bobby Kennedy and Bobby’s time as Attorney General, his love of sailing and reading, and his legacy. Ultimately, the museum seemed to be a celebration of his life. My favorite parts were the political campaign memorabilia and audio/video and the set-up. The museum was divided into different rooms, some of which were intended to resemble rooms in the White House or particular offices. For example, Bobby Kennedy’s room was made to look like his office, complete with drawings his children gave him to what his desk would have looked like.

Later in the day, I found my new love: the main branch of the Boston Public Library. One building houses their rare books and art collections, where most of my pictures were taken. The second building houses their 3-storey public library. It was truly love at first sight. Their reference collection had a fairly impressive legal section and thousands of materials on microfilm. They also have an extensive English and foreign language DVD collection. I was thoroughly impressed. In relation to architecture, their collection had several folios and over-sized books on prominent architects and historical accounts of architectural changes in cities such as Beijing, Paris, Moscow, and much more. Last, but not least, I found several nonfiction materials I’d like to add to my library’s Criminal Justice and Drafting and Design collections.

Tomorrow I have a long day ahead of me filled with focus groups, index updates, and demonstrations. Hopefully, I’ll see some improvements in the weather, but I suppose I can’t really complain.


One response to “Horrid Weather, Fantastic Libraries

  1. Lyman Clayborn

    Gorgeous pics & informative writing – – so excited for you! I’d love to visit that Boston Public Library main branch – – even just for its architecture and portraits!

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